Dental Treatment Prices

Cosmetic dentistry
Ceramics Inlay/Onlay 190£
Ceramics veneers 200£
Cristal dental jewelery 100£
ZOOM lamp professional whitening (1 hour) 250£
White filling – two or more surfaces 55£
White filling- one surface 40£


Restorative dentistry
Integral ceramic crown 120£
Metal-ceramic crown 200£
Zirconium-ceramic crown 200£
Zirconium – ceramic bridge per element 15£
Provsional crown made in dental office 30£
Provisional crown made in the laboratory 30£
Metal-ceramic crown on implant 120£
Zirconium-ceramic crown on implant 200£
Total acrylic prosthesis per arcade 300£
Skeletal prosthesis (with special systems) per arcade 700£


Oral surgery
Wisdom tooth extraction 100£
Included wisdom tooth extraction 130£
Semi-included wisdom tooth extraction 100£
Root canal treatment per canal 50£
Simple extraction 35£
Surgical extraction 60£
Apical resection (front) 100£
Apical resection( back ) 150£
Sinus lift 400£
Membrane 220£
Osteotomy 170£
Powder bio OSS/phial 150£
Frenectomyt 50£


Dental implants
Dental Implant (DMI) 290£
Zirconium implant abutment (DMI) 100£
Metal-ceramic crown on implant 120£
Zirconim-ceramic bridge per element on implant 200£
Zirconium-ceramic crown on implant 200£
Dental implant abutment (Bredent) 200£
Bio Hpp 200£
Full mouth 10.000£
Complete upper jaw FAST&FIXED 6 implants (implants only) 4500£
Complete lower jaw FAST&FIXED 4 implants (implants only) 3500£


Methods of payment and policies

Cash, PayPal, Bank Transfer.

We accept:


We convert into Romanian LEU at the current rate of exchange determined by the Romanian Bank of Comerce.
For wire transfer, payment must be arranged in advance, so that the necessary amount enters our account prior to the completion of the treatment.

Do you require payment in full prior to beginning treatment?

After patient agrees and signs our treatment plan, a payment of 50% of the total amount is necessary prior to the beginning of the procedures.

To commence dental lab work such as crowns and dentures, what percentage of the total cost is required as a deposit?

We will charge 50% of the total amount as a deposit.


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