Travel to Romania and return home with a smile!

Teeth in a day!

with BREDENT’s Fast and Fixed implants

A dental implant system that provides those with most or all of their teeth missing with fixed teeth replacements (or prosthetic teeth), which can immediately be used and enjoyed within the same day that they are placed/loaded.

The problems caused by missing teeth can have significant effects on an individual’s life; what used to be done in unconscious and normal ways – such as smiling, eating, and speaking – can suddenly become very challenging or difficult tasks to manage, when teeth are lost.
The search for quick solutions to missing teeth concerns may lead to the use of dentures, but the removable nature of dentures have the tendency to result to more problems in the long run.

Dental implants provide effective solutions for missing teeth problems; however, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of spending a few months without teeth while waiting for the implants to be fully healed – and before the teeth restorations can be placed. Traditional dental implants need to have a few months of healing period, before they can fully be integrated with the surrounding tissue – and before prosthetic teeth can be attached.

Dental treatments abroad in 4 steps

Contact us and get the price quotation

Give us all the information about the dental problems you have. Our team of doctors will discuss your problem and come up with a treatment plan and price quotation.

Book your flight and accommodation

We will help you find the cheapest and fastest flight available at the dates selected. Also we can recommend you proper accommodation for the time you will spend here.

Arrival in Suceava, Romania

At the airport you will be met by one of our english speaking representatives who will take you to the hotel.


Our team of doctors will perform all necessary interventions in order to complete the treatment plan in the shortest time possible.


About us

Our clients are most important to us. Our desire is that clients come willingly to us and leave feeling well looked after and taken care of.

We would like to say goodbye knowing that we did our very best for each client in every situation .

Who are we?

We are a dental clinic in Romania.
Our highly experienced dentists have years of experience and are experts in the field of dental implantology.If you are looking for high quality dental implants , dental crowns , full bridges, dentures, Studio Dental Clinic is the right choice for you.

The profesionalism and the care that we have for our clients are our strengths.The mission we have is to put a big smile on your face .

Dental implants


Cone beam computed tomography



Dental Implant (DMI)

290 £

Zirconium implant abutment (DMI)

100 £

Metal-ceramic crown on implant

120 £

Zirconim-ceramic bridge per element on implant

200 £

Zirconium-ceramic crown on implant

200 £

Dental implant abutment (Bredent)

200 £

Bio Hpp

 200 £

Full mouth

10 000 £

Complete upper jaw

4 500 £

Complete lower jaw

3 500 £


Are you interested in having implants with lifelong guarantee while saving up to 70% ?

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